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Subscription Boxes

subscription box

We are in the early stages of planning a Prices Spices subscription box scheme. This will run Bi-Monthly and in each box you will get some of the following:

  • Breakfast Jam or Marmalade
  • Chilli Sauce
  • Bar of Chocolate
  • Spice Blend
  • Curry Paste

Boxes pricing will be worked out depending upon what everyone is interested in – If you are interested please register your interest here:


Nameyour full name
Box ContentsWhat would you like to see featured in the subscription box?
Breakfast Jam
Chocolate Bar
Chilli Sauce
Chilli Jam
Curry Paste
Spice Blend
0 /


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Product Review of our wares

Product Review

Product review will really help others make an informed decision. If you have a few minutes to spare and have either tasted or bought any of our range of products we’d love to see what you think. A brief review or in depth review, it really doesn’t matter. When others read informed written opinions, it will help them choose what’s right for them too!


Simply find the product in the store and give it a review. If you’re logged in at the time you’ll even get credits in your account for each review that you can redeem against future purchases.

Heck don’t stop there, love it to the point of using it a lot? Submit your favourite recipe too. We really treasure your feedback and look forward to it.

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Prices Spices Version 2 – New Features

With the launch of the new Prices Spices website here’s the new features list:

  • Allows users to create recipes
  • Website turns into a recipe application with full screen view, tick lists and timers
  • Improved layout, more consistent branding from products to website
  • fixed the login logout functionality
  • Site is now fully scalable from large screens to small mobile phones
  • Nutritional information now visible on the product pages
  • Shop items now also clearly show whether a product is Vegan, Vegetarian or Gluten Free
  • Heat rating of products is indicated next to product name and price
  • Slideshows of recipes now display much better with image scaled correctly and an excerpt of the recipe
  • Site wide search functionality implemented


We look forward to hearing your thoughts…

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Sea Spring Seeds 2014 Challenges

sea spring seeds logo

Sea Spring Seeds 2014 Growing Challenges…

Sea Spring Seeds have announced that they will be conducting not just one but two growing challenges this year.

The first one is back by popular demand: The Dorset Naga Challenge

You may recall that of the public Michael from Prices Spices was the winner with 401 ripe (543 total) chillies on the Dorset Naga. We will be partaking in both challenges and aim to see what this years self watering system can achieve. With the early start of seedlings and heating the greenhouse this year I’m really hoping for something phenomenal :0)

The second challenge is a new one this year: Most Chillies on a Plant

For this challenge it seems like a good idea to choose a variety that will grow small yet very productive chillies, hence Joy at Sea Spring Seeds has opted for their “Rooster Spur” chilli plant. We’d encourage everyone to take part as for a few pounds on seeds and compost you’ll teach yourself many growing techniques trying to get a good result, heck we’d never even grown superhots until last year.


Dorset Naga Growing Challenge





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Prices Spices Win the Dorset Naga Growing Challenge

Back in March I saw Sea Spring Seeds (Joy Michaud) at the edible garden show at Stoneleigh Park just up the road from where we live. On Joy’s stall was all of her amazing plug plants and seeds with some flyers stating there was a growing challenge…

After having a brief discussion with Joy and realizing that I had gotten the chilli growing bug I decided to buy one of the Dorset Naga plug plants to give it a go ( amusingly the only plant I have bought singulalry as I’d always hedge my bets on having a backup!). I placed the plant under the grow lamp upon getting it home where it stayed for several weeks until the weather was just right! Although I say waiting for the weather to be right I do think I gave it a little bit of a shock and it slowed up on the growing front somewhat for a brief period. Here’s a selection of shots of the growing Dorset Naga from March onwards.


Starting with the images of the plants above my iMac in the office under a 125w Grow Light and cheap canopy costing less than £35 – Bargain from

Dorset Naga Dorset Naga Growing Challenge Dorset Naga Growing Challenge Dorset Naga Growing Challenge


Very quickly these plants had developed very strong rooting systems and it’s time to pot on into the next size up.Dorset Naga Growing Challenge Dorset Naga Growing Challenge

Not wanting to water the plants everyday and giving the plant a chance to be fooled into thinking it was planted in the ground I created a large self watering system using a big planting container, metal grate to support it and cappilary matting to allow the roots to latch onto and draw what water it requires. I also poured in the correct amount of Chilli Focus nutrients once a week ensuring that most of the water had been used up first.

Dorset Naga Growing Challenge Dorset Naga Growing Challenge Dorset Naga Growing Challenge

Also giving the plant a support system after seeing what happened to Sea Springs seeds plant the year before when some of the lower branches had fallen off under duress of chilli weight! I used large upright canes and drilled several holes to put in smaller canes as cross members, this worked well apart from when the wind got up as it had been attached to the roof bolts in the greenhouse for added stability.

Dorset Naga Growing Challenge Dorset Naga Growing Challenge Dorset Naga Growing Challenge

Mid May and the plant has started forking and getting plenty of flowers, I think I should have added more chicken manure and removed the flowers until at least the end of June to get the growth aspect there first.

Dorset Naga Growing Challenge Dorset Naga Growing Challenge Dorset Naga Growing Challenge

Mid July and all is going well, great development and more flowering.

Dorset Naga Growing Challenge  Dorset Naga Growing Challenge

Mid August and lots of growth, plenty of chillies starting to form and not too much flower drop which is a good sign.

Dorset Naga Growing Challenge Dorset Naga Growing Challenge Dorset Naga Growing Challenge Dorset Naga Growing Challenge Dorset Naga Growing Challenge Dorset Naga Growing Challenge Dorset Naga Growing Challenge Dorset Naga Growing Challenge Dorset Naga Growing Challenge



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Paprika Recipe Manager App


It’s time to share the secret! Okay it’s not that much of a secret by now as it has been out for some time. Paprika Recipe Manager takes the hard work out of keeping track of your favourite food, recipes, grocery lists and much much more. The ability the app has to go onto one of the vast array of foodie websites and download a recipe into your app at the press of a button is just sheer genius.

Save recipes to your app in a single click using Paprika Recipe Manager!

paprika recipe manager iphone


Paprika Recipe Manager works on Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android devices. At the present time version 2 of the app is being developed and Prices Spices are on the beta test list working hard to find issues large or small. Without giving out any details and spoiling the surprise of what’s set to be in the new version, all I will say is that I was hoping for a lot and it goes beyond delivering that and much, much more…

I have used other recipe management apps in the past and along came paprika a couple of years ago, it was only last year I decided to go all into this and ditch the other. It was time to adopt one and leave the rest alone. The trouble is that you find a couple of favourite features in each piece of software. Then you want to cling on to that. The main point here though is that the folks over at hindsight labs really want to add features that make the app useful for the user and are open to listening!

Click to take a further look straight from the horses mouth

Anyhow onto using this app… Whether you have recipes in a recipe manager already or not it doesn’t matter, should you want to import from another manager you’ll more than likely be in luck! Paprika Recipe Manager will import from various others with ease. So your recipes have been imported or your ready to go and find some more to cook up a storm this week.

Press the browser button on the app screen, here you’ll see your pre-defined web page load up that you set in the app preferences, the bookmarks show you the other websites you can automatically import from. Should you find a food site that does not allow you to automatically import than it’s time to highlight some text and click the “ingredients”, “directions” buttons etc, once done your selected pieces of text come together to form a recipe – genius!

From here you can effortlessly add these to a calendar and even to a grocery list. Now if you’re a geek like me and want to really make life easy what you can do is to have all the household devices syncing from the same account. The accounts you use to synchronise are free of charge and are hosted by Hindsight Labs. Having never had an issue with the syncing I can not fault this at all. Back ground sync in iOS 7 should make this even slicker too!

So here’s the geekery!

Try this scenario. I’m sat at work adding a few items to this weeks meals list and adding the required ingredients to the grocery list, so what you say… Oooooh noooooo, my wife was planning to pick a few things up and checks her version of paprika recipe manager to find the extra items that I’ve added without even having me call or text her.

You can make paprika recipe manager work for you as much as you like or use it as a basic recipe storage system. A major point to note is that has the apple ethics applied in my view – it merely just cuts the crap and gets on with the task in hand.