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Burns Night Sauce
Burns Night Sauce

A sauce for your neeps and tatties or to add to a good ole steak! Simple and delicious - chillies and booze.

lamb curry
Lamb Curry – Kinross Gosht

Takes a little longer than the other purkan curry paste recipes, however it's well worth the time and effort!

Steak Taco
Posh Steak Taco

Posh Taco ! Yes there's such a thing, use a good cut of meat instead of minced beef...

chicken chorizo prawn chilli risotto
Chicken, Chorizo & King Prawn Risotto

A beautiful risotto that allows you to get the taste of the chinense chilles without all the heat.

priceys chilli con carne
Pricey’s Con Carne

It really doesn’t have to be a cold winters night to enjoy a great chilli con carne!

prawn jambalaya
Prawn Jambalaya

This is a truly mouth watering dish that packs a punch in the flavour and spice front!

thai style chilli fry
Thai Style Chilli Stir Fry

A very healthy, super speedy and massively tasty meal that also offers a reason to cook more than you need and take some to work for lunch the next day too.


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