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asparagus and chilli jam
Asparagus With Chilli Jam

Fast, Tasty and when it's asparagus season there's nothing quite like BBQ and spice!

char kway teow
Char Kway Teow (Malaysian Flat Noodles)

Simple yet very authentic Malaysian dish, Malaysia's answer to Pad Thai...

banana loaf
Spiced Banana Loaf

Now here’s your basic banana loaf recipe with a slight twist

pork satay
Pork Satay

Simple to make and delicious too, you’ll have an empty party platter before it gets to the buffet!

pork belly
Pork Belly With Chilli Jam Crackling

Autumnal comfort food in the form of sticky gooey spicy pork belly.

Bacon Naan Tingler
Bacon Naan Tingler

Bacon sandwich as you’ve not had it before. A modern flavoursome twist on a British staple!

Thaitalian Tingler Crab Cakes
Thaitalian Crab Cakes

Thaitalian Crab Cakes are so mourish you’ll be cooking up more before you’ve finished eating this batch

prices pulled pork
Prices Pulled Pork

Pulled pork is worth a shot if you really want to taste the real flavours of a piece of pork, time consuming but worth every effort!


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