Cajun Potato WedgesPretty healthy and full of flavour, these wedges are a great accompaniment for many meals. Simple and fast to prepare too.
Cajun Chicken StewFairly quick to make and full of flavour, more so because the chicken is still on the bone. You could also try making this in your slow cooker too!
Cajun SalmonSimple weeknight fish with flavour, heat and all those omega 3 oils you keep hearing you need to eat!
Simple Cajun ChickenSuper quick Cajun Chicken that you can cook in minutes, a weeknight that's a real treat.
Caribbean PastyA great use for a piece of pastry! Add some meat, a little veg and some hefty spice sauce and you'll end up with sheer delight.
Prawn JambalayaThis is a truly mouth watering dish that packs a punch in the flavour and spice front!
Grilled SnapperFish with a kick, it may be dead but it will certainly bite with a good smack of our Haitian Hottie Chilli Sauce in the marinade.