Italian Stallion

Spicy BologneseThe one true spaghetti bolognese recipe that is so simple with a little perking up for you chilli heads!
Red Pepper SoupA creamy pepper soup lightly brought to life with the help of Italian Stallion or for a little hotter yet go with Phoenix Rising!
Arancini ArabiataThis is the perfect reason to cook more risotto than you needed the day before. Arancini uses up your left over rice to create a completely different meal.
Gnocchi A La StallionThis recipe is a light and fluffy version so not stodgy, a dish that could be used as a side dish.
Chicken & Bean EnchiladasSuper Tasty, super easy and great for a Friday night in front of the box with a refreshing Mexican beer. You can even treat yourself with the slice of lime in your beer too…