Product Reviews

Our produce wouldn’t be what it is today without the likes of you all enjoying and using it. These product reviews are honest and by no means paid for or bribes. Quite simply put, when our customers give us feedback we put that into our products to make what you like. If you’d like to give product reviews yourself on items you’ve bought, please do so. You can do this by going to the store. From there login and put product reviews on what you’ve tasted or bought in the past.

Here’s our wares being reviewed which we hope you’ll enjoy watching, listening, reading about before ordering, smelling and tasting for yourself.

India Joywala – Reviewed 26th March 2017

India Joywala – Reviewed 28th July 2016

Haitian Sensation – Reviewed 5th June 2016

Haitian Sensation – Reviewed 24th April 2016

Haitian Sensation – Reviewed 21st January 2016

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Haitian Hottie – Reviewed 28th April 2015