Biryani of Leftovers

00Yields1 Serving
DifficultyIntermediatePrep Time10 minsCook Time1 hrTotal Time1 hr 10 mins



 2 cups basmati rice, rinsed and soaked for 30 minutes
 1 Tbsp olive oil
 1 large red onion, finely diced
 2 medium potatoes, diced into 1cm cubes
 2 tomatoes, diced
 1 tsp cumin seeds
 6 cloves
 6 green cardamon pods
 2 cinnamon sticks
 1/2 jar Prices Spices Purkan Curry Paste
 200ml water
 100ml natural low fat yoghurt
 2 cups left over roast dinner meat, chicken, lamb, beef, pork - anything will work, diced up finely or shredded
 50ml milk
 pinch of saffron strands

Cook the rice 1/2 way either by absorption method or add lots of water and boil, after 4 Minutes turn off the heat and drain in a colander.


Heat the oven to 160°C


In a pan, add the oil and fry the onions. Once starting to turn golden add the potato, tomato, cumin seeds, cinnamon sticks, cardamon pods, cloves and cook for another 1 Minute.


Warm the milk very gently and add the saffron. once you see the milk starting to turn a golden colour, stir it and then leave it alone.


Next add the meat to the pan of onions and spices, put the curry paste in and combine with the yoghurt and water. This will create a nice thick soupy mixture, cook for 10 Minutes on a gentle heat.


In a roasting pan put half of the drained rice. Next spoon over the wet mixture. cover the mixture with the remaining rice. Now drizzle the milky saffron liquid all over the rice, this will really add the magic to the dish!


Cover with foil and bake in the oven for 30 Minutes.


When dishing up use a plastic or wooden tool, metal will break up the delicate rice.